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United Carpet Professionals servicing Metro Atlanta and other surrounding areas.

United Carpet Pros recommendations are honest and trustworthy. Our business has thrived from referrals and recommendations, so we are very eager to exceed your expectations.

At United Carpet Pros we provide services of the highest quality for the best price guaranteed! We use the latest technology to clean your house and business with state of the art equipment. Our technicians are IICRC certified and fully trained. We comply with all major carpet manufacturers specifications, including those pertaining to the new generation of stain-resistant carpeting. We're open in the morning, evening, and weekends. Many lower quality carpet cleaning companies have come and gone, but United Carpet Pros is here to stay!


With skill and expertise we promise you'll be given first-class commercial carpet cleaning. If your commercial carpeting is in need of cleaning or your company's flooring requires regular maintenance, anywhere in YOUR area, our well trained and skilled techs are ready!

Whether it's a day or night, our 24/7 commercial emergency water damage and restoration services are at your disposal.

Heavy soiling in high-traffic areas?
Our commercial carpet cleaning service can help.

Our commercial carpet cleaning service techs are outfitted to cover all of your commercial carpet care and cleaning requirements with tile and grout cleaning, deep soil extraction, water damage restoration, and carpet maintenance programs.

Every one is going to be given top-notch service as well as a thirty-day warranty for on commercial services.

Contact us now for a speedy response We will satisfy your commercial carpet cleaning needs! You can count on our know-how and quality!


While recommendations vary, it's wise to have your interior fabrics professionally cleaned about once every year. High-traffic areas of your carpet may need more frequent cleanings.

The longer you wait to have stains and debris removed from your fabrics, including carpets and upholstery, the more difficult they are to be removed...and the greater chance of risiduality. Between professional cleanings, it's wise to routinely inspect your fabrics to identify stains that you might be able to address on your own.

To increase the life of your carpets, if possible, it is wise to periodically re-arrange your funiture in order to fluctuate the location of "high-traffic" areas. Additionally, vacuuming your own carpet using a high-end vacuum cleaner will increase its life. Using inexpensive vacuum cleaners only removes surface dirt and debris and will do nothing for the fiber-damaging particles that work their way down to the bottom and interior of your carpet pile.

Carpet Cleaning FAQ

Q. Which is better, Steam Cleaning or Dry Cleaning?

A. Dry Cleaning is a surface clean. Customer satisfaction levels are much higher with Steam Cleaning because it leaves no residue. Dry Cleaning leaves chemicals on the carpet that may cause re-soiling and could void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Q. When should I have my carpets steam cleaned?

A. To get the longest possible wear out of your carpet, your carpets should be cleaned regularly. You know it is time to clean the carpet if:

1. Your carpet was last cleaned over 12 months ago.
2. The carpet is very soiled.
3. Pets are allowed on the carpet.
4. The carpet is in high traffic area in your office or home.

Q. How do I need to prepare for my carpets to be cleaned?

A. You only need to remove small breakables and knick knacks on the furniture you would like to have moved. Our cleaning technicians are able to move only small furniture you request and replace it to its original location .

Q. Should I be concerned about chemical or detergent residue remaining in the carpet?

A. No, some cleaners use a soapy detergent followed only by extraction, leaving residue that causes rapid re-soiling. We use safe biodegradable detergent pre spray, followed by a textile rinse that leaves carpet virtually residue free.

Q. Another company inspected the carpet and stated that it couldn't be cleaned. Can you help me?

A. We love hearing that! With absolute United Carpet Pros exclusive process and our wide array of stain removers we can remove many more of your carpets problems than your average carpet cleaners.

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How Carpet Cleaning should be done!

We provide the finest carpet cleaning and floor care services, including professional stain removal as well as pet stain and odor removal. We handle quality upholstery cleaning for all types of furniture. We also offer Persian and Oriental rug cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, wood floor cleaning as well as water damage and mattress cleaning.